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The Long Lost Love Letters of Doc Holliday New book coming August 18th: David upcoming novel, The Long-Lost Love Letters Of Doc Holliday, concerns the most notorious correspondence in American history, supposedly destroyed a century ago—between Doc Holliday and his cousin Mattie, aka, Sister Mary Melanie of the Sisters of Mercy. The letters mysteriously reappear, only to become the prize in a fierce battle that brings back to life the lawless world evoked in the letters themselves.

"At a time when most men of letters think they owe it to themselves to be easily bruised, Corbett knows he owes it to his readers to be engaging, full of knowledge, and unafraid."
   —Len Wanner, The Crime of It All

"David Corbett is the finest crime writer alive. He's also better than most of the dead ones. Read him. Now."
   —Cornelia Read, Bestselling author of Valley of Ashes

The Devil Prayed and Darkness Fell

Thirteen Confessions

New Short Story Collection

A baker's dozen of the very best short fiction from award-winning novelist David Corbett. From the casinos of Vegas to the barrios of Central America to the Zen Buddhist underground of San Francisco, they all share a common theme: the inexhaustible search for dignity even in the face of life's last chance.


The Devil Prayed and Darkness Fell

The Devil Prayed and
Darkness Fell


A Phelan Tierney novella—The Devil Prayed and Darkness Fell —for just $1.99 through kindle singles.

The Mercy of the Night

The Mercy of the Night


Seventeen-year-old Jacqi Garza has one last chance to reclaim her life, if she can just learn to trust the most unreliable creature of all—someone who honestly cares about her.

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The Art of Character
THE ART OF CHARACTER is elegantly written: a thoughtful, literate gem. It is a gratifying and illuminating—a delight to read—and will not just instruct but inspire.

THE ART OF CHARACTER is destined to become the one desktop reference every writer requires on the craft of characterization.

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