“Corbett delivers a rich, hard-hitting epic.”

Publishers Weekly
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“The best in contemporary crime fiction—or in contemporary fiction, period.”

Washington Post


“Corbett, like Robert Stone and Graham Greene before him, is crafting important, immensely thrilling books.”

—George Pelecanos

“That rare beast: a work of popular fiction that is both serious and thrilling.”

—John Connolly


“The line runs through Ernest Hemingway and Graham Greene, straight on to David Corbett. I’m not kidding. He’s that good.”

—John Lescroart

“For all the lyricism of his narration and the compassion he shows, Corbett never strays too far from the blunt vigor of California noir.”

New York Times Book Review


“Corbett is the best of Quentin Tarantino and Elmore Leonard. Nobody writes crime fiction better.”

—Robert Dugoni

“Corbett handles his story line and subplots adroitly, in economical but polished prose, but his real strength is in character development.”


The Truth Against the World

Now Available

An Irish ex-soldier with a cryptic past must protect his dearest friend, a brilliant young writer and artist, as they trek across a country in chaos to retrieve her stolen masterpiece.

In the near future, as America descends into violent conflict, Georgie O’Halloran creates an artistic and literary wonder—only to have it cruelly stolen from her and published under the thief’s name.

Worse, it’s become the inspiration for a wildly popular video game that serves as a watering hole for the militants seeking to transform America through bloodshed.

To confront the plagiarist and reclaim her work, Georgie must cross a continent in flames. Her only companion: Shane Riordan, a fiercely loyal friend with a dark Irish wit, an oddly encyclopedic memory, a beautiful singing voice—and combat-hardened fighting skills.

Their devotion to each other deepens as dangers mount, allies abandon them, enemies multiply—and little by little the real forces behind the stolen book’s worldwide success reveal themselves. They’re intently focused on making sure Georgie’s mission fails—to the point of murder.

But that’s not even the scariest part. It turns out Georgie isn’t the only one on a cross-country quest. Shane is on a journey all his own, far beyond even Georgie’s imagining.

Reviewers have compared The Truth Against the World to Stephen King’s The Stand, David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas, and the apocalyptic prose of Cormac McCarthy. Small wonder: David Corbett has been writing award-winning fiction for over 20 years.


The Truth Against the World is bloody amazing—a wild, enchanting ride across an apocalyptic America with characters who will steal your heart and surprises you won’t see coming. The best novel yet from one of today’s finest writers. I absolutely loved this book.”
New York Times bestselling author Deborah Crombie

“David Corbett’s The Truth Against the World delivers terror, hope and redemption with incredibly-drawn characters, exquisitely-written cross-country settings and sorrowful lessons in the history of the world. This book is reminiscent of King’s masterpiece, The Stand, but with a very human—and very American—bogeyman. A fantastic read.”
Wall Street Journal and Amazon bestselling author Rachel Howzell Hall

“David Corbett weaves together myth and prophecy in a way that makes The Truth Against the World feel both timeless and frighteningly relevant. And it carries his hallmark of elegant writing and deeply considered, compelling character work. A fantastic read you’ll struggle to put down.”
—Critically acclaimed author Rob Hart
“If you like Irish folklore and enjoyed Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, and/or The Road by Cormac McCarthy, then you owe it to yourself to read David Corbett’s 2023 novel The Truth Against the World.

Corbett comes out of the crime novel tradition, and The Truth Against the World brings elements of that, and, as always, an interesting pairing of protagonists. In this case, our two heroes are Georgie and Shane…

Beneath Shane’s trained violence is a deep yearning for connection, and beneath Georgie’s exterior fragility is a steel-clad commitment to the truth. For all the magic in these two characters, Corbett is clear that they are flesh-and-blood. They can be stopped. The question is: If they are stopped, will their message carry on?

The Truth Against the World is shocking, tense, sad, and deeply magical. It left me, at the end, with hope.”

— Author Marion Deeds (Fantasy Literature Reviews)

“David Corbett is one of the sharpest and smartest writers out there, using the conventions of genre fiction to examine our society and our politics. His latest, The Truth Against the World, could be The Stand for our times. It uses the dystopian novel to create a U.S. in dire straits—violent insurrection has broken out across the land, sending it into possible collapse. But Corbett is too good a writer to dwell solely on the negative. The friendship between the two main characters provides an engaging and hopeful counterpoint to the chaos, and he keeps the book popping with action. It also helps that his narrator/protagonist, Shane Riordan, is one funny guy.”
—Scott Montgomery, The Hard Word

“A sharply written thriller that gives readers a peek at a future that doesn’t seem all that far from reality, The Truth Against the World comes pre-baked with plot twists, suspense, and compelling characters. Corbett has outdone himself.”
—Bestselling author Alex Segura
The Truth Against the World is a brilliant literary fantasy about a divided, dystopian America on the verge of war.”
—G.P. Gottlieb, the New Books Network

“The country is on the brink of civil war… and I can honestly say that while this information isn’t the main focus of the tale, David Corbett’s latest novel is one of the most terrifying pieces of fiction I’ve personally interacted with since I read Stephen King’s IT for the first time, because we are seeing the potential descent in real time.

I cannot commend Corbett any higher for making the character interaction run so fluidly. It was rare for me to stop and second-guess if someone would respond in the ways that the people in The Truth Against the World did. Even more so than the side characters, though, for me, nothing really compares to the friendship that Shane and Georgina have. Not once did I pick up on a hinting at a forced romantic relationship between the two, which I find rather rare in media in general.

Packed with action and tragedy, this novel is a love letter to the Celtic tenets, and it holds a lot to admire. It is an interesting blend of a pending future with a mystical past, raw betrayal, powerful political messages, honest people, and above all else, hope. Hope for humanity even in the most desperate of times.

The Truth Against the World will be finding a place on my bookshelf once I can get my hands on a physical copy, which will be available this June.”
—Amanda M. Gordon, Twin Cities Geek

The Truth Against the World is a captivating novel that weaves together a rich tapestry of myth, adventure, and political intrigue. Corbett’s unique writing style, innovative blending of genres, and memorable characters make this book stand out. If you liked The Children of Men, especially the movie, you will love this book.”
—Jorge Garcia, Pick Best Books

“I’m not usually a reader of thrillers, and books with violence and apocalyptic events often put me off, but as a writer I was familiar with David Corbett’s excellent books on creating fictional characters, and I was curious: Can he walk the walk? Can he do what he helps the rest of us do?

Yes. Yes, he can. This is a compelling story, original, stirring, and ultimately satisfying. It makes me want to seek out other books by Corbett. Reviewers more familiar with the genre than I am can address the specifics, but this is a book I heartily recommend to anyone who wants a fast-paced and exciting read, with characters of considerable depth.”
—Tinney Sue Heath, author of historical fiction

“A stylistic tour-de-force, with interesting, sometime elusive characters, and a wild plot.”
—Sherwood Smith, author of fantasy, historical romance, and science fiction

“Fans of David Corbett’s work know he’s a master of the crime-mystery-thriller genres. His latest novel, The Truth Against the World, helps cement that legacy and goes well beyond normal expectations. This time he’s given us a hybrid that’s part quest, part fantasy, part Irish folklore, and part apocalyptic. But beyond the myths, the dystopian landscape, and the intense struggle between good and evil, The Truth Against the World, remains a compelling thriller that will keep your heart racing all the way through the final scene.”
—Award-winning author Mark Scott Piper

“Imagine a combination of the adventure of The Odyssey, the strange warps at the heart of Cloud Atlas, and the apocalyptic writing of Cormac McCarthy, and you get an inkling of what reading this absorbing book is like. Part thriller, part philosophical rumination, part tribute to Celtic myth, it’s an amazing read. Corbett pulls out all the stops and writes with imagination and passion. It’s a must read!”
—Bestselling author Terry Shames

Reader Response

It’s been especially gratifying to see how readers are reacting to and embracing The Truth Against the World.

“Book 80 of 2023 and it might just be my favorite. I don’t have the words to explain how much I enjoyed David Corbett’s latest. It just gave me feels. A lot of them. It’s going to stick with me for a long time—and there will definitely be multiple reads.” (Five Stars)
—Scott Frederick on X (twitter)

“WHAT AN AMAZING WORK OF FICTION. I took my time reading this dystopian thriller so that I could savor every bit of the fantastic writing. As I kept reading, I kept marveling at each brilliant character description—even the minor character descriptions—and their fully formed, at times quirky, funny personalities. I loved the Second Coming Yeatsean milieu, and at times I found myself attempting to talk just like Shane. As this brilliant character might say, ‘I swear on a stack of bible salesmen that one day I will talk and swear just like Shane Riordan.'”
—Susan, Goodreads

“Omg I love this book. Elegant, lyrical prose, compelling characters, suspenseful enough to not let me stop reading until the last page. It also frightens me with the timeliness and pertinence. Bravo, this is a brilliant and powerful novel, not to be missed.”
—Anonymous reviewer, NetGalley

“I’ve been wondering when I would meet a contender for My Book of The Year—not many have moved me in the first half, but at last here’s one. The Truth Against The World is an ingenious blend of genres—part quest fantasy, part futuristic dystopian thriller, with a load of Celtic mythology thrown in.”
—The Cat’s Mother, Goodreads

“This is powerful, insightful and shocking as the author captures the reader and takes you on a journey through a civil war and a author devoted to his craft. This speaks to the love of books for all bibliophiles. These characters are richly drawn, the plot intriguing and well crafted.”
—Cozy Book Reviewer, NetGalley
“This book was gripping from beginning to end. Set in an apocalyptic world that becomes all too recognizable, the story entwines not only a suspenseful journey but ancient Irish myths that keeps you pondering long after you’ve finished reading it. I loved the characters as well as the plot. Each character was memorable in his/her own right, and again kept me thinking of our acceptance of others’ differences and judgments.”
—Elena, Goodreads
“A heart-wrenching, innovative literary fantasy that combines elements of Celtic mythology and history and a gut-wrenching look at a dystopian and divided America set in the near future. Part quest, part mystery, legend and supernatural, it heads to a powerful conclusion.”
—Carolyn Walsh, Goodreads

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