“Corbett delivers a rich, hard-hitting epic.”

Publishers Weekly
Starred Review

“The best in contemporary crime fiction—or in contemporary fiction, period.”

Washington Post


“Corbett, like Robert Stone and Graham Greene before him, is crafting important, immensely thrilling books.”

—George Pelecanos

“That rare beast: a work of popular fiction that is both serious and thrilling.”

—John Connolly


“The line runs through Ernest Hemingway and Graham Greene, straight on to David Corbett. I’m not kidding. He’s that good.”

—John Lescroart

“For all the lyricism of his narration and the compassion he shows, Corbett never strays too far from the blunt vigor of California noir.”

New York Times Book Review


“Corbett is the best of Quentin Tarantino and Elmore Leonard. Nobody writes crime fiction better.”

—Robert Dugoni

“Corbett handles his story line and subplots adroitly, in economical but polished prose, but his real strength is in character development.”


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The Truth Against the World

Coming this June

A country descending into brutal civil war…

A young artist forced to cross a nation in chaos to retrieve her stolen masterpiece…

Her guide and guardian, who may not be exactly who he seems…

Georgina O’Halloran created an artistic and literary wonder—only to have it stolen from her and published under the thief’s name. Worse, as the inspiration for a wildly popular video game, it’s become a money machine for those seeking to “redeem” America through violence.

To confront the plagiarist and reclaim her work, Georgie must cross 3,000 miles of chaos. Her only companion: Shane Riordan, “Irish as wet grass,” a whip-smart ex-soldier and loyal friend with an oddly encyclopedic memory, a beautiful singing voice—and finely honed fighting skills.

It turns out, however, Shane is on a journey of his own—one beyond even Georgie’s imagining.


“David Corbett weaves together myth and prophecy in a way that makes The Truth Against the World feel both timeless and frighteningly relevant. And it carries his hallmark of elegant writing and deeply considered, compelling character work. A fantastic read you’ll struggle to put down.”
—Rob Hart, critically acclaimed author of The Warehouse and Paradox Hotel

“A sharply written thriller that gives readers a peek at a future that doesn’t seem all that far from reality, The Truth Against the World comes pre-baked with plot twists, suspense, and compelling characters. Corbett has outdone himself.”
—Alex Segura, bestselling author of Secret Identity

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