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Thirteen Confessions

Done for a Dime

Short Stories

"Man, this is a deep story. And you come away caring.
It really is a damn fine mystery."
   —Kelly Abbott on "Pretty Little Parasite"

John and Pete aren't just neighbors—despite their obvious, heated political differences, they seem the best of friends. Then on New Year's Day, Pete strangles John for reasons not even he comprehends. He joins twelve others—including his ex-wife, a neighbor, John's daughter, the judge—in confessing their lack of any answer, their fear of what that means, and their nakedly honest judgments of the killer, the victim, and themselves.

This title story joins a dozen others, both new and previously published—including one chosen for Best American Mystery Stories—that together provide a baker's dozen of the very best short fiction from award-winning novelist David Corbett. Though they cover the breadth of the author's experience—from the casinos of Vegas to the barrios of Central America to the Zen Buddhist underground of San Francisco—they all share a common theme: the inexhaustible search for dignity even in the face of life's last chance.

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