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"David's MasterCraft Class at ThrillerFest in 2015 was
the most transformative day in my life as a new writer."
   —D.A. Bartley

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David's lecture, "The Character of Crime," given at CraftFest in July 2015, is available as an mp3 download through VW Tapes. CD format also available.
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David's two-hour, online video workshop is available for free. His lecture begins at the 10:20 mark, and you will need the Adobe Connect application for viewing.
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David joined the delightful Gabriela Pereira on DIYMFA, her amazing podcast dedicated to the writing craft, and discussed among other things:

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February 12-16
San Miguel de Allende Writers' Conference and Literary Festival
Hotel Real de Minas
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Join David for one of the most enjoyable, rewarding, star-studded and invaluable writing conferences in the world. David will be teaching three 90-minute workshops and two 3-hour intensives:

Backstory is Behavior
Wednesday, February 12th, 3:45-5:15 PM

Weaving the Character Web
Thursday, February 13th, 11:00 AM-12:30 PM

The Art of Villainy
Friday, February 14th, 11:00 AM-12:30 PM

The Character of Plot
Saturday, February 15th, 9:00 AM-12:00 noon

Dialogue as Action—The Driver of Scene
Saturday, February 15th, 2:30 PM-5:30 PM
Learn more about the conference and register

March 3-31
Online Course through Litreactor
The Craft of Character

This four-week, hands-on writing intensive is a practical lesson on how to craft compelling characters and bring them to life on the page.

In this course you'll explore the dramatic roles and functions that characters can assume in a story. Then you'll learn how to shape language to depict that variety of characters. Finally, you'll develop techniques for creating compelling scenes and fluid dialog to make those characters come to life.

Along the way, David's writing assignments will guide you in putting these tools into practice, and his detailed review and insightful analysis of your work, in addition to helpful critiques from your classmates, will solidify your command of the material.

In addition, opportunities for questions and discussion will be available throughout the course.
Learn more and register

Student Praise

The following is a small sample of appreciation from students (many of whom have gone on to be published) in response to both classroom and online courses I've taught.

"To learn from David Corbett is to be in a safe space with a wise, patient teacher.
David allows you room to make mistakes and learn from them, his feedback is exhaustive and extremely helpful, and he ends up teaching you newer ways to not just look at your fiction, but at life, where all fiction comes from.
In the classes I have taken with David, I have learned to create complex, real characters, define character arcs, and let them lead me into a well-knit plot. Thanks to his advice over the years, I now partner with a very good agent, and have landed a publishing deal. If you're looking to give shape to your story, learn skills that should be part of every writer's toolbox, and take your craft to the next level, David Corbett is the mentor you're looking for."
   —Damyanti Biswas, author of You Beneath Your Skin

"Your class was wonderful! I took away so much from our work together and I still refer to my notes. It was worth every minute I spent on the 405, and that's saying a lot—it was four hours every Monday night, two each way between class and home! I've ordered The Art of Character and will keep it close at hand as I work on novel #2."
   —Aline Ohanesian, author of Orhan's Inheritance (a #1 Indie Pick April 2015)

"David is an insightful, passionate, supportive teacher and writing coach. He is attuned to the needs of his students and meets them wherever they are in their writing careers. He worked with me by means of an online course when I was trying to find my way through the tangle of a first draft. He pushed me (nicely) to understand my characters deeply, to discover what made them tick, and to let them breathe on their own. That turned out to be the first book in a series and I'm still listening to David's advice as I head into the third one."
   —Susan C. Shea, author of Love & Death in Burgundy

"David Corbett's teaching style should be measured by the success of his students. I and two of my classmates (see below) have progressed greatly since studying with him in 2015. My novel was published in 2016. Another classmate's novel is now with the publisher and will soon be in bookstores. A third classmate got an agent just a year after working with David. You can't argue with results! David's critique of my work and his class instruction combined to give me one of the most valuable experiences of my fiction-writing career. David is one of the most incredible teachers I've ever encountered. He is an amazing instructor."
   —Rick Pullen

"David's MasterCraft Class at ThrillerFest in 2015 was the most transformative day in my life as a new writer. At the time, I had a very rough draft of a manuscript that would become my novel Blood Atonement. David taught me how to think about the craft: creating characters a reader cares about, respecting the beauty of clean and honest English and tightening your story until there's nothing extra. Most importantly, David taught me the great art of re-writing. As a teacher, he has the rare gift of being insightful, critical and endlessly supportive all at the same time. I don't know why or how I got so lucky to have been assigned to his class that year, but I'll forever be grateful. After re-writing (and re-writing some more!), Blood Atonement is scheduled for publication by Crooked Lane in 2018."
   —D.A. Bartley

"I took David Corbett's workshop at Master CraftFest in 2015, and it was a game changer for me. His feedback helped me dig deeper into my story and look at my scenes from a fresh perspective. This past summer, I signed with John Talbot of the Talbot Fortune Agency. I can't recommend David's teaching highly enough."
   —Stacy Woodson, 2017 Daphne du Maurier Finalist, 2016 Claymore Finalist