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Many of David's short stories are collected in his anthology Thirteen Confessions.
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Just To Watch Them Die

Crime Fiction Inspired By the Songs of Johnny Cash

Just to Watch Them Die

Edited by Joe Clifford

A hard-hitting addition to the Gutter Books Rock Anthologies series, nominated for an Anthony Award! No one personifies the FTW rock-and-roll ethic better than the Man in Black. Johnny Cash's music can be captured in that one iconic photograph. Guitar slung off his shoulder, sneer on his lips, middle finger extended to let the status quo know what he thought of it. Which is why Cash's music speaks to so many of the marginalized, the forgotten, the misunderstood, the disenfranchised. Featuring some of today's best crime fiction writers, Just to Watch Them Die is a kick-ass collection of wronged men and women who, like Johnny, walk the line every day, fighting for what they believe is right.

Featuring contributors David Corbett, James Grady, Rob Hart, Danny Gardner, Renne Asher Pickup, Jen Conley, Lynne Barrett, and many more.


Serial Thrillers

The Chopin Manuscript

The Chopin Manuscript

Read by Alfred Molina

The Chopin Manuscript is a unique collaboration among 15 distinguished international thriller writers who came together to create a single audiobook with each author contributing a chapter to the ongoing story. The book is serialized and is hailed as the first-ever audio serial book.

Jeffery Deaver conceived the characters and the setting and put the plot in motion with the first chapter. From there the story was turned over to fourteen authors—including Lee Child, Lisa Scottoline, Joseph Finder, David Hewson, S. J. Rozan, and P. J. Parrish—who each wrote a chapter that propelled the story along. Along the way the plot took twists and turns as each author lent his or her own imprint on the tale. Characters were added as the action moved around the world—and the stakes got higher and higher. The book wrapped with Deaver writing the final two chapters bringing The Chopin Manuscript to its explosive conclusion.

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"Murder, mystery, and music combine in this international thriller written by 15 authors...Alfred Molina gives an outstanding performance.... [A] highly entertaining listen."

"[A] remarkable achievement of collaboration in both scope and execution. . . [A] brilliant tour de force performance."
   —Anthony Rainone, The Rap Sheet

The Copper Bracelet

The Copper Bracelet

Read by Alfred Molina

A peaceful picnic in the French countryside explodes in violence. A mysterious assassin hisses a deadly threat. And events are set in motion that could propel India and Pakistan down the road to nuclear confrontation.

Two years after the events of the Audiobook of the Year—The Chopin Manuscript—former war crimes investigator Harold Middleton and his Volunteers once again must crack a secretive conspiracy that not only threatens their lives, but the stability of the world. Their race against time will take them from London to the U.S. to Russia and beyond. And at the heart of it all is one question: What is the secret of the Copper Bracelet?

Sixteen of the world's greatest thriller writers collaborated on The Copper Bracelet. Once again, as he did with The Chopin Manuscript, Jeffery Deaver wrote the first chapter. Then, each successive author wrote a chapter in turn, finally returning it to Deaver to complete this thrilling sequel.

2010 Best Original Work Audie Award nominee

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