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Editing Services

Note: Due to a number of pressing obligations, David is currently not accepting new editing clients. He hopes to resume doing so in spring 2020.

"I took away so much from our work together and I still refer to my notes."
   —Aline Ohanesian, author of Orhan's Inheritance

The Book Doctor is in. Due to significant demand from agents, editors, and students, especially given the popularity of my book on craft, The Art of Character, I now offer manuscript review and editing services.

Writers who wish to have their work thoughtfully reviewed and carefully edited can choose one of the following options:

Synopsis Review
Provide a one-to-five page* story synopsis of your work-in-progress and I will analyze it for thematic integrity and dramatic impact, with special attention to character arcs, reveals and reversals, and major plot beats. ($350)

Fifty-Page Full Review
Submit the first fifty pages* of your work-in-progress and I will both line edit it and provide a detailed analysis assessing the strengths and needs of the set-up, story, plot, characterization, voice, pacing, theme, dialog, and marketability. ($1,000)

Full read-through with written assessment but without line edit
Submit the entire manuscript and David will provide a detailed written assessment analyzing the set-up, story, plot, characterization, voice, pacing, theme, dialog, and marketability. (Minimum of $2,000, with $6.50 per page* after the first 300 pages.)

Full read-through with both line edit and written assessment
Submit the entire manuscript and David will provide both a detailed line edit and a written assessment analyzing the set-up, story, plot, characterization, voice, pacing, theme, dialog, and marketability. ($15.00 per page*, based on average of 250 words per page; if manuscript exceeds this average, price may be negotiated.)

*Pages must be formatted as follows: double-spaced, one-inch margins, 12-point font.

Prices subject to change at any time. For more information, contact me directly: david@davidcorbett.com.

Client Praise

"I hired David to help me navigate exceptionally difficult edits from my publisher for a sequel. David was a great teacher and an exacting coach, helping me see what I was blind to, educating me on serious missteps I had made, and pushing me through a very difficult time and editing process for the novel itself and for me, personally, as a writer."
   —Shannon Kirk, author of the international bestseller Method 15/33

"David Corbett is a fabulous teacher and editor and he was an incredible help with my novel, Kind Nepenthe (Black Rose, August 2017). He provided crucial assistance at both the rewrite and final editing stages, and his guidance and knowledge changed the way I look at the art of the novel.... Hiring him to help me rewrite and edit my manuscript was one of the best decisions I made and it took my novel to a new level."
   —Matthew Brockmeyer

"I first met David Corbett when he taught at Book Passage's Mystery Writers Conference. The depth of his knowledge and insight into the mystery genre was so impressive that I purchased, read, and re-read The Art of Character, a book that belongs on the desk of every writer.
Later I had the opportunity to work with David in development of two of my manuscripts. He burrowed into both projects with enthusiasm, helped me winnow away the debris, find my stories, and sharpen and deepen them.
All writers need a fresh perspective. Why not hire someone who cares deeply about your story?"
   —Keenan Powell, Author of the Maeve Malloy Alaskan Mystery series

"David's guidance helped me considerably in the final rewrite of my first novel, Naked Ambition, which reached the #1 spot in two of Amazon's thriller novel rankings and #3 in a third. It took me two and a half weeks to sell my first 1,000 books. I then sold 1,000 the following weekend, and 1,000 copies a week ever since, in addition to garnering dozens of stellar reviews.
David is one of the most incredible teachers I've ever encountered. If you're looking for instruction or manuscript services, do yourself a huge favor and reach out to David. He is an amazing instructor."
   —Rick Pullen

"I'm still jubilant over having snagged David Corbett to edit my forthcoming memoir recounting 20 years' work on a criminal case. His guidance on multiple levels made all the difference. David has X-ray vision when it comes to discerning the narrative arc of a story, and he's firm and persuasive at keeping you hued to the emotional core. He continuously pressed me to dig deeper into my feelings and gave me direction on how to express them. And his line edits are deft—less is more, and please cut that final, gild-the-lily line ... The man is gifted and an absolute delight to work with—simply the best."
   —Elaine A. Murphy, Senior Justice Fellow at Brandeis University's Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism