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David is a regular contributor to Writer Unboxed, named by Writer's Digest for ten years running as one of the ten best blogs for writers. He's joined there by such distinguished writers, editors, teachers, and agents as Jane Friedman, Donald Maass, Lisa Cron, James Scott Bell, Barbara O'Neal, Dave King, Heather Webb, Ray Rhamey, and many more.

For an archive of David's posts, go here.

See David's free, two-hour online video workshop titled "The Outer Limits of Inner Life: Bringing Character to Life by Looking Within" (David's lecture begins at the 10:20 mark.)

David's biweekly postings on MURDERATI, where he contributed for over two years before the group retired the site—in its day, one of the most engaging and informative blogs on writing and the writing life on the web—can be found in the Murderati archive here.



Read David's short story, "Babylon Sister," which was selected by Narrative Magazine as its story of the week.


Listen to David's interview with master storyteller Steven James (with co-host Amy Rogers) for Suspense Radio's The Story Blender.



Read David's Q&A with Mark Stevens for his blog Don't Need A Diagram, in which they cover The Art of Character, The Mercy of the Night, and other related issues.

Listen to David interview Joe Clifford, author of the Anthony-nominated novel Lamentation and the not-to-be-missed memoir Junkie Love for Authors on the Air.


David's lecture, "The Character of Crime," given at CraftFest in July, 2015, is available as an mp3 download through VW Tapes (along with recordings of all the other sessions and panels). CD format also available. To purchase David's lecture, go here.

Read David's interview with Chris Tusa of Fiction Southeast on The Mercy of the Night.

David's appreciation of the neo-noir classic The Aura ("The Precarious Luck of the Unholy Fool") appears in the Summer issue of Noir City, the e-magazine published by the Film Noir Foundation. To subscribe—and thus help the FNF locate and restore lost masterpieces—and to read David's article, go here. (Back issues of this incredible magazine are also available at the link.)


Watch David introduce Dennis Lehane discussing his latest novel, World Gone By, at Book Passage.

Listen to Pam Stack's interview with David for Authors on the Air Global Radio Network.

Read author extraordinaire Charlie Stella's review of The Mercy of the Night ("VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!") from his weekly blog Temporary Knucksline.

Read an excerpt from The Mercy of the Night selected by Narrative Magazine as its Story of the Week.

Read a second excerpt from The Mercy of the Night provided by the collective of Iowa Workshop grads known as We Wanted to Be Writers.

Read Erin Mitchell's review of The Mercy of the Night at Pop Culture Nerd, where it was her April book pick.

Read David's blog posts at Writer Unboxed at Jungle Red Writers concerning how and why, after avoiding the sub-genre for his first four novels—despite having worked as a private investigator for fifteen years—he came to write his first PI novel: The Mercy of the Night.

Read David's interview with Rob Hart at Litreactor, "Ten Questions with The Mercy of the Night Author David Corbett."

Read David's Take Five Q&A with Writer Unboxed concerning the writing of The Mercy of the Night.

Read David's interview with fellow crime writer and educator Brian Thornton at Sleuthsayers.


David's short story, "Untamed Animal," appears in the Winter 2014-2015 issue of Needle Magazine.

David's article, "Characters: Scene by Scene," appeared in the January, 2015 issue of Writer's Digest.


Read an excerpted version of David's essay, "Love and Insomnia," from the anthology Faith: Essays by Believers, Agnostics, and Atheists, which appeared in the Toronto Star on December 21, 2014.

Read David's historical critique of realism in film online at the website for Bright Ideas, a great new magazine for independent filmmakers.

David's article, "The Sympathetic Heavy: An Appreciation," appears in the October edition (Issue 57) of Crimespree Magazine.

David's article "Finding Your Story's Engine" appeared in the September issue of Writer's Digest.

Read David's interview with The Music Bed, an online resource for independent filmmakers and musicians.

Read David's article in the New York Times: "Secrets and Contradictions."

David's article, "The Antihero's Journey: From Odysseus to Walter White," appeared in the initial issue of Bright Ideas, a bi-annual magazine dedicated to cutting-edge trends in film and TV. (David will be a regular contributor.)

David twice presented his webinar, "The Five Cornerstones of Character," through the Author Learning Center in January and February 2014.


Listen to David's interview with Doug Lyle for Crime Science Radio.

David twice contributed to MovieMaker magazine in 2013. His article, "The Politics of Plot," appeared in the November 2013 edition, and his article, "Lifting your Character's Mask: Transcending type and archetype to write real human beings in your script," appeared in MovieMaker's 2014 Complete Guide to Making Movies (August 2013).

August 18
Read David's interview with Karen Lejon for La Vie en Noir to mark the publication in France of Blood of Paradise (retitled Une Certain Vérité).

June 20
Read David's appreciation of the novel that forever changed his understanding of what it means to live in this world, The Call of the Wild, courtesy of Three Guys One Book.

August 7
Listen to a podcast of David and fellow author Barry Eisler reading from their work, being interviewed by the Agony Column's Rick Kleffel, and answering questions from audience members at their joint reading at the Capitola Book Café.

April 4
Read David's dialogue with Zoë Ferraris on the Mulholland Books website, where they discuss "The Invisible Hero."

March 25
Hear David interviewed by Lynn Neary of NPR for All Things Considered with Jeffery Deaver and Jim Fusilli, discussing their work on The Chopin Manuscript and The Copper Bracelet.

March 22
Hear David's interview with Maureen Cavanaugh of NPR station KPBS in San Diego concerning Do They Know I'm Running?

March 7
Hear David discussing Do They Know I'm Running? in an interview by Elliot Neaman for USF Forum, KUSF Radio, San Francisco.

David heartily endorses the High Crimes Mystery Book Group in Benicia, CA, a group he used to lead. It meets once a month. Click here for more information.

Help out on the Crime Lab Project... Read more about it here!

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