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January 2011

Going Humbly

June 2010

The Great San Quentin Literary Throwdown

April 2010

Immigration's Frankenstein

February 2010

Three Films About El Salvador: Then & Now

Recent News from El Salvador: Water and Power

November 2009

Teamster Official Gives Copy of Blood of Paradise to El Salvador's President On Eve of 20th Anniversary of the Murder of Six Jesuits

October 2009

The War of the Adverb is On (Second Front)

June 2009

The Myth of the Messianic Military: The Coup in Honduras

"Things Are Worse Now Than During the Civil War"

May 2009

The El Salvador Mauricio Funes Inherits: The Economy

The El Salvador Mauricio Funes Inherits: Crime

Funes the Moderate?

March 2009

El Salvador Turns a Page in the History Books

February 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

January 2009

21A Promise for Change—in El Salvador

December 2008

Will the Obama Administration Close Down WHINSEC (formerly the School of the Americas)?

November 2008

What Will the Obama Doctrine be in Latin America? 2008
Election Day, 2008

August 2008

Eddie Muller: Grand Inquisitor

July 2008

Writing Is Very Much a Solitary Endeavor

June 2008

Another Book Passage Mystery Conference Come and Gone
June 22nd: A Birthday Note
Misery Loves Company
An Audie Win and an Anthony Nod

May 2008

Lip Service
Oakley Hall
San Francisco as Literary Crime Central
2008 Edgar Allen Poe Award Winners

April 2008

Noir, Tragedy And Other Dreary Bummers
How I Write (Or: What the Hell am I Thinking?)

March 2008

A Lovely Place, A Big-Hearted Lady and Little Girl in Need
anotherwhere: A New Musical
Left Coast Crime: Sex, Violence and a Brief Word About Marriage
2008 Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference

February 2008

News From Central America—Justice Salvadorian Style
Guatemala Seeks Politician's Arrest

January 2008

Guatemala Police Arrest Alleged Murder Mastermind
Lovers of the Arctic Circle
I Will Go to See the Banana Man, the Joy of My Youth
The War on Terror in El Salvador

December 2007

The Meaning of Hope
A Poet Turns Her Eye to El Salvador
Honoring International Human Rights Day
The Moral Hazard Myth

November 2007

A Tale of an Evolving Brazilian Leftist
No Safe Haven in U.S. For Torturers (Finally?)
Crime: A Catalyst for Change in Latin America?
All Elections are Local, Part 2

October 2007

Are the Neoconservatives America's Jacobins?
Profiles in Courage: Guatemala's Untouchables (Los Intocables)
An Excerpt from a Novel in Progress
All Politics is Local: A Letter to the Editor
3:10 to Baghdad

September 2007

A Letter to the U.S. Embassy: A Visa Denial Bodes Poorly for American Interests in Latin America
The Killer as Candidate: Guatemala's Upcoming Presidential Run-off
Storm Clouds Over Latin America—and a videotape from bin Laden
Three American Servicemen Held Hostage in Colombia

August 2007

Vietnam as Analogy (for El Salvador 1981 and Iraq 2007)
The Reagan Regime, Part 2: Response from Congress and America's Allies ("I wish to God presidents would read a few books.")
The Reagan Regime, Part 1: The Turn Toward Ideology (Then and Now)
Central America Today: Violence and Inequality (Surprise)

July 2007

Protestors of Water Privatization Arrested and Charged as Terrorists: "Soon there will be nothing left to rape"
The Guerillas' "Final" Offensive, January 1981
The Crucial Year, Bloody 1980: "They'll Kill Anybody"
The Reagan Doctrine, Part 2: Jeanne Kirkpatrick
The Reagan Doctrine: A Hard Right Turn

June 2007

The Salvador Option (Part 4: El Salvador Today)
The Salvador Option (Part 3: Lending Money to a Gambler)
The Salvador Option (Part 2: A U.S. Advisor Speaks Up)
The Salvador Option in Iraq

May 2007

The Carter Doctrine, Part IV: Conclusions
The Carter Doctrine, Part III: Searching for the Center in El Salvador
The Carter Doctrine, Part II: Nicaragua Revisited
The Carter Doctrine, Part I: Human Rights, and the Legacy of Nicaragua

April 2007

Two (Salvadoran) Women
Amnesty vs. Accountability: How the Past Poisons the Present
A Mother and Child Reunion
The Murder of Jose Gilberto Soto

March 2007

A Brief Word (Again) About a Slain Hero (and a few miscellany)
A Telling Silence
Archbishop Oscar Romero—A Voice for the Voiceless
A Barren Hope: The Reformist Coup of October 1979

February 2007

The 1970s in El Salvador: Repression and Revolt
El Salvador—Where and What, and the beginnings of Why
Martha Gelhorn—Every Squeak Counts (or A Note on the Unexpected Pleasures of Research)

January 2007

In Memory: Barbara Seranella


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