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An Audie Win and an Anthony Nod
June 2, 2008

I am chuffed, as they across the pond, to report that on May 30th in Los Angeles The Chopin Manuscript was honored as the 2008 Audiobook of the Year at the Audio Publishers Association's Audie Awards.

It's amazing enough to have won—but even more special when you consider the competition:
  • Steven Colbert's, I AM AMERICA
  • THE BIBLE EXPERIENCE (a star-studded, multi-cast recording of the Old Testament featuring talent like Denzel Washington—the same company's New Testament recording was last year's Audiobook of the Year)
  • THE INVENTION OF HUGO CABRET (a wonderfully creative children's book)

    (Yes, we beat not just God and Harry Potter, but Colbert!)

    The best part of winning the award is the opportunity it affords to thank a great many people, specifically:
  • Beth Anderson and Steve Feldberg of Audible.com for taking a chance on the project;
  • The People at ITW (International Thriller Writers)—and especially really to M.J. Rose—for their energy and enthusiasm and, most of all, for always finding a way to say yes when no would have been the sane answer;
  • Jim Fusilli, whose editorial guidance, wisdom and just plain good sense are all over this project;
  • Alfred Molina, whose reading took a dozen different styles and numerous accents and made it a coherent, dramatic, compelling and entertaining whole;
  • And to each and every author, who turned what could easily have been a total disaster into a creative triumph—especially Jeff Deaver, who provided two chapters to a project on which he earned nothing (none of us did), when he could have used that material for one of his own bestsellers.

    I'm also happy to announce that Blood of Paradise has been nominated for an Anthony Award in the Best Paperback Original category. The winner will be announced at Bouchercon in Baltimore on October 12th.

    For the complete list of Anthony nominees, go here.

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