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anotherwhere: A New Musical
March 25, 2008

This week I'll be short and sweet: I'm promoting a musical-in-the-making titled anotherwhere written by two dear friends of mine, David Murphy (music & lyrics) and Laurie Fox (book & additional lyrics).

David, a warm and plaintive tenor, gets heart-breaking vocal assistance from the astonishing Henry Perry (you'll swear to God it's Al Jarreau), and the incomparable Scottie Haskell (a veteran LA session singer whose voice just kills me), plus instrumental backup from a small pack of smooth sidemen.

You can get samples of the songs on MySpace: There's also a synopsis of the play's plot, which I will admit seems a tad wiggy. But so does the plot of Turandot. And Tales of Hoffman. And Carousel and Brigadoon and . . .

If I may: listen first to "springtime," and prepare to cry. Then check out "Not So Much," and "anotherwhere" and the rest in whatever order your heart desires.

You'll thank me. Honest.

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