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This page is where David provides periodic commentary on issues he considers important, and on which he pretends to have more than a passing knowledge.

Valentine's Day 2009

He towels dry the dog's paws after her walk,
then listens to her eat from her bowl on the floor.
He's left a few apple slices for her, those go too.
He sorts receipts, balances his checkbook,
reads the bios of plane crash victims in the Times.
Staring out the window at the rain, the peach trees,
he realizes it's too late to spray with copper.
The leaves will turn hard and black come spring.
He checks his e-mail, deletes the spam, reads
his Spanish Word of the Day: ganar, to earn, to win.
Gana menos que yo. He earns less than me.
¿Quién ganó la carrera? Who won the race?
The dog paws his cuff, he leans down, picks her up,
scratches her ears as they sit a while, the radio on.
The dog belonged to his wife, like so much in the house.
The rest of the day gapes before him, night too, and
he reminds himself that memories are a kind of hope.

Copyright, 2009, David Corbett

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